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From the album New Planet

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sound of all the people
(don’t you know)
you can’t hide the steeple
(in snow)
thing that you can’t label
(like a row)
is a thing for Excel table
(microsoft blows)

twenty four percent of the people you know
(like her)
will be dead before you
(good sir)
but there’s still a good chance we’ll get cancer
(no cure)
so i’ll see you in hell for the answer
(no skills)

reunite caring and culture
it takes time to make multiple

seldom do we see someone today who
was born in center city in the thirties
the statistics were not in their favor
(do the math)
radiation made cells too dirty
(no cure)

stick your head inside your monitor
(right now)
it will happen anyway
(give it up)
swallow the phosphorus light beams
(they’re great)
they’re glowing for one last beautiful day
(don’t stay)

reunite caring and culture
(do the math)
it takes time to make multiple
i don’t think we’ll ever get it
apathetic, arithmetic, mathematic
(you won’t make your class reunion)

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