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New Planet is my debut EP, released on June 1, 2002. Out of print.

Los Angeles has taken its toll on State Shirt, as it has taken its toll on many artists, writers and musicians. It beats you down. It drains your heart. It keeps you still. It’s hard to move. It’s hard to love. Los Angeles is a dream that never comes true. Emerging from the ashes and debris, the depression subsides and it’s time to try again. This time will be different. It has taken six years, but the realization has come to light that the hateful face of Los Angeles is really a disguise.

This time will be different. It’s finally time to emerge.

It’s like being on a new planet. The sun is just a little bit brighter. The sky is just a little bit bluer. A tattered musical background finally comes together in a swell of intensity. The fear has subsided, at least for now.



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