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butterflies inside, you're sick again?
give me a nickname that won't stick.
think about me as you wash your dirty hands again.

press between opposing bodies
take off your bra, you disintegrate into dust
this room is filled with light, day and night
i can't sleep i just have this crush.

since 1976, only two finished records
tendinitis, pushing someone else's dream
broken wheel, this shopping cart
moves in the wrong fucking direction!

two hundred boxes of soiled kleenex
two hundred letters i sent to myself, they were for you.
this last ditch effort had better pay off
i know we're both the same.

park my heap on the corner
get out of my blind spot, and take off your clothes
i just want to crush this place.

what's wrong with you?
sure we'll spend our lives together, but please
leave me alone, i just want to sleep.

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