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Let’s Get Bloody, State Shirt’s third full-length album (and final album to be released on CD). Released on December 6, 2011 on his own Los Fucking Angeles label.

“Imagine flooding a cathedral from floor to rafters, and then being able to watch the ghosts of prayers swim about.”

It’s a pattern of violence, handed down from the angry and disillusioned parents. Created by an environment of despair, a dead-end mill town, a drinking problem, an aimless future. One that drives a young girl to kill herself, a husband to beat his wife, or a mother to leave her newborn to die.

“It started with a close friend who had been abused and beaten for years, tried to kill herself and failed.” State Shirt says. “I’m so glad she failed. But it made me realize that this cycle of violence gets passed down from those that hate where their lives have ended up.”

When State Shirt began working on Let’s Get Bloody, these desperate stories began to weave themselves through hand-built loops, cheap electronic keyboards, a dilapidated student drum kit, and the pickups of his pawn shop guitars. Though his fiery and emotive vocals, and intricate bedroom production, State Shirt develops a cohesive collection of infectious indie-tronic anthems that make us realize life shouldn’t end with bloody hands.

The entire production sounds like it was recorded beneath the lofty stone arches of a Gothic cathedral: polyphonic choral breakdowns, echoes & reverbs & strange twists of sound, and the airy, atmospheric wash of one thousand angels murmuring in the east transept. That’s State Shirt, homie.

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