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This song is part of my open source collaboration project. Many thanks for the amazing samples from Wyatt, Marc & Alec Nuckols, James Santiago, Dave Patrikios, Yumenomado, Chris Fudurich, and Brian Page.


beth's on fire! beth's a liar!
lets retire this empire.

go where the green lights lead you, to where the audiences need you
you really could not care less about me

you only hurt the ones you love, despite the damages i've put up with
you really don't remember? i don't care.

our bridge is already charred and gone
i've gone and smashed my last guitar
the lasting love we had is done
but don't let go even if you must

give it up, you really must not give it up.

all the evidence had been removed
all i have to remind me is this.
the night that we almost kissed, you know when.

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