Mustache Monday

Posted by on Jul 13, 2009 in News | One Comment

So, the day has finally come. Today is officially Mustache Monday. Though I may keep it for the entire month.

EDIT: Here are the other members of the Mustachathon providing their own personal brand of mustachitude.

Thanks to all the mustache pioneers for making this day possible, here are just a few of the greats: Tom Selleck, Burt Reynolds, Weird Al Yankovick, John Oates, Ned Flanders, Mario, Freddie Mercury, Wilford Brimley, Cap’n Crunch, The Nuge, Frank Zappa, Gene Shalit, Sam Elliott, Salvador Dali and Yosemite Sam.

1 Comment

  1. Steve Rydz
    July 13, 2009

    Nice, almost rocking the Lemmy look there 😉

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