Open source music collaboration project – first song.

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The first song on my still yet to be titled Collaboration Album has been finished, and is posted below!

Thanks to the amazing audio provided by Orchestral Movement of 1932, Dave Patrikios, James Santiago and Yumenomado, I was able to cut, remix and shape their samples into the song “Cassettes” this evening. Hope you like it.

Cassettes – DOWNLOAD – Lyrics

More songs will follow in the coming weeks.

You send me audio. I remix and sing. Together we make an album.

Even though 40 people were nice enough to get involved with this collaboration project, I still don’t have enough audio samples to create an entire album of music. How about you get involved in this super-fantastic open source music project and submit some samples of your own? That would be great!

Join the likes of Tim Godwin (he played in Air Supply, for chrissakes), Dan Friel (Parts & Labor), Dave Patrikios (of the kick-ass yet now-defunct band The Realistics), Chris Fudurich (producer for Nada Surf, Sophie B Hawkins, Rx Bandits), and a bunch more talented and creative people who you don’t know but absolutely should:

* Bill Belina (a bunch of guitar parts)
* Brian Page (a ton of phat drum beats)
* DJ12XU (super noise)
* Chris Fudurich (piano, drums, loops, wurlitzer!)
* Dan Cohen (geetah)
* Dave Patrikios (guitar, piano, synths)
* Eric Pokorny (guitar, vocals, screaming kids)
* James Santiago (supah guitar parts, samples)
* Jeremy Starpoli (a ton of trombone)
* Terry Burton (guitar)
* Fluffy (synth, bass)
* Jon Eric (noises)
* Nate Quinn (drums, djembe, conga, sax)
* Jeremy Quinn (ebow guitar, noise)
* Tim Godwin (guitar)
* Brent Stansfield (songs, guitar, vocals)
* Matt Larsen (piano)
* Dan Friel (noises)
* Orchestral Movement of 1932 (drums, bass, gtr)
* Artemis Strong (noises)
* Yumenomado (synths)
* Wyatt (synths)
* Bartley Hinson (guitars)
* Steve Rydz (guitars)
* … and more

Send me drumbeats, noises, guitar parts, a cappella vocals, accordion, part of a song you never finished, spoken words, screaming, your cat. Whatever you’re inspired to send. I will merge, tweak, remix and piece together all of your samples and make an album. Be a part of open source music. Your audio submission will get used. Everything you send will be incorporated in to the album. Do it now.

Thanks and good evening.


  1. Thom
    July 5, 2009


    This track is amazing. Will you consider releasing your acappella tracks? I really love the vocal performance in this and would love to get a chance to remix it. I’m sure others would as well. Great job on this and I’m excited for more.


  2. stateshirt
    July 5, 2009

    Hey Thom, thanks a lot, glad you like the track! Might take a few days but I’ll definitely get the vocal tracks up.

  3. asdf
    July 8, 2009

    can you post the original clips that you used? would be interesting to hear the source material.

  4. WiseDuck
    July 16, 2009

    This is great! I’m thinking of submitting a few samples, but I have to record a few first. Also thinking of linking a few others to this page, I really want to see more of this. It’s such an awesome idea!

  5. stateshirt
    July 24, 2009

    Glad you like the idea! Hope you get involved… I still need some more audio in order to be able to complete an entire album.

    I will look into putting together a little database of all the audio sent so far so everyone can check out the source files…

  6. stateshirt
    December 30, 2009

    I did finally get the a cappella tracks up: and

    Sorry it took so damn long!!! 🙂

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