thesixtyone. what happened?

Over the last year or so i’ve given my fair share of free promotion to a site that used to be one of my

2008 sucked, 2008 rocked

2008 is almost over, finally. 2008 sucked. 2008 was the year of relationship and family bullshit. 2008 is the year of narcissistic fuckups. 2008 is

Maybe you can help.

So I’m ramping up to get my new album finished and out into the world. The thing is I’m not sure exactly how I should

mixing the new songs. live show.

I can’t believe that Don’t Die came out nearly 4 years ago. I have been working on new songs and writing and recording but sometimes

5-star songs

ok, so i’m sitting here at work, and i should probably be working. but instead of in addition to working i am making a list