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New collaboration song – Driving Forever

November 14, 2009    
State Shirt    

I just finished the song “Driving Forever”, the newest song on my upcoming collaboration album. Hope you like it. Driving Forever – DOWNLOAD – Lyrics Thanks to the great audio samples from Chris Fudurich, Brian Page, Jeremy Quinn, Tim Godwin, Terry Burton, Daniel Pisciotta, Dave Patrikios, and Jeremy Starpoli.   I’ve created a replica of my life in my mind. A place where we can sleep with the lights off. I’m no…    read more 

Hotel Cafe show.

November 6, 2009    
State Shirt    

Thanks to everyone that came out to the show at Hotel Cafe. This was the first time that State Shirt songs were realized by a full band. And I was lucky to have recruited some amazing musicians. Dave Patrikios, formerly of the popular NYC rock band The Realistics has been praised as “a fucking excellent drummer” and I was lucky enough to enlist him. Chris Candelaria, bassist with LA band Twinstar also…    read more 

Electronic “Disappointed” cover

September 18, 2009    
State Shirt    

I just finished recording a cover of Electronic’s “Disappointed”. I had never even heard the original song until about a month ago. Hell I had never even heard of the band. But there was something really good at the core of this song and I wanted to try a version of my own. In case you also didn’t know, Electronic were an “alternative dance group formed by New Order singer and guitarist…    read more 

Magnetic particles encased in plastic

July 3, 2009    
State Shirt    

Over the last year or so I’ve been trying to get rid of stuff. Stuff I never look at, stuff I don’t need, stuff that’s just sitting in a box. After a while it just starts to feel like extra weight, like a burden. Maybe with the exception of the instruments in my studio, I don’t really want to own much of anything at all. I’ve had weird dreams that on the…    read more 

Fell Out Of The Sky music video

January 15, 2009    
State Shirt    

We just finished up the music video for the song Fell Out Of The Sky. Shot over the course of 6 days in the Los Angeles area. Directed and edited by Angela Heine, camera by Ben Clemons, FX and some more editing by me. Many thanks to all the actors: Darlene Weege, Priscilla Amador, Sean Vega, Janet Consolver, Terry Burton, Bonnie Buckner, Jack Heine, Jinna Kim, Ho Yip Lui, David Patrikios, Samantha…    read more 

New Matthew Larsen songs…

December 2, 2008    
State Shirt    

I took a road trip back in October, and when I was in Massachusetts I spent a couple days at Matthew Larsen’s old brick duplex in Holyoke and helped him record a few songs. Go to Matt’s site and listen to the new songs. Here’s Matt laying down some melodica.

Music video shoot – final day

November 23, 2008    
State Shirt    

After four very full and busy days, the shooting for the “Fell Out Of The Sky” music video has come to an end. Today was the greatly anticipated party scene, which wouldn’t have been possible without all of our friends, who had to take a break from their busy lives to eat, drink and be merry. Editing for the video starts next week! Not a whole lot of time for me to…    read more 

Music video shoot – day 3

November 22, 2008    
State Shirt    

Holy crap today was a lengthy and intense day of filming! Tomorrow is the last day, the big fancy party scene. Here are a few photos from today: