New Matthew Larsen songs…

I took a road trip back in October, and when I was in Massachusetts I spent a couple days at Matthew Larsen’s old brick duplex

Music video shoot – day 3

Holy crap today was a lengthy and intense day of filming! Tomorrow is the last day, the big fancy party scene. Here are a few

Music video shoot – day 2

So the second day of shooting has come to an end. We got some amazing shots and the actors were all outstanding. One more weekend

Music video shoot – day 1

Today was the first day of filming for the “Fell Out Of The Sky” music video! The unbearable smoke and ash from the Sylmar fire

No, I don’t miss my buick

Photos from 2005. Was just about to drop in a big ol 455 in there. Didn’t really know what I was doing. Probably should have

Maybe you can help.

So I’m ramping up to get my new album finished and out into the world. The thing is I’m not sure exactly how I should

mixing the new songs. live show.

I can’t believe that Don’t Die came out nearly 4 years ago. I have been working on new songs and writing and recording but sometimes