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My Mobius Looper Setup

July 26, 2016     State Shirt    

My Mobius Looper Setup

Some of y’all have asked me to put together a video about my live looping rig. So I finally did! I hope this answers some of your questions. This vid goes into the gear that I’m currently using, how things are routed, and a few Mobius Looper parameters. 🙂

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One thought on “My Mobius Looper Setup”

  1. Jonno

    I love your setup, and it inspired me to try and play with a similar rig. I’m just starting out with Mobius, and I’ve got it working quite well with a Softstep 2 footcontroller, I can record loops and stuff like that.
    What I can’t work out how to do is how to make it change loops across all tracks at the same time. Is that an advanced scripting thing, or is it a setting I just haven’t found? In your Mobius Looper Set Up video above at around 7mins it shows mobius changing loops across all tracks at the same time – that is what I would LOVE to know how to do!
    Could you please let me know how you achieved this?

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