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Pencil Me In

State Shirt


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    Length: 2:04 Meter: 4/4 Released: January 30, 2010


    All rights reserved.

Want to show your support? Buy the Every Song Bundle. Includes every album release, plus bonus material. 70+ tracks for $25!

I was very flattered that Glenn Case did a cover of my song “Highway” that I figured I’d return the favor and cover one of his songs. Glenn is likely the most prolific songwriter that I’m aware of. He has well over 400 songs for download on his site, and this one, “Pencil Me In” is one of my favorites.

Hope you like my cover of his song. You can find his original and plenty of other goodies at http://glenncase.com.

Also very glad that Glenn had already done an instructional video for “Pencil Me In” so I could learn the finer details on the chords that I couldn’t pick out by ear!



If you put it in pen
I’ll be graded again
Because I’m bound
to make some mistakes
And it’s gonna stink
if it’s permanent ink
And I wish that it
could be erased

So, pencil me in
and I’ll do what I can
to ensure I don’t act
like a flake
Pencil me in
Darling please understand
it’s a commitment
I’m not sure I should make

If its written in lead
it won’t mess with my head
If I need to
then I can back out
It may seem immature
but I’m really not sure
There’s a chance
that this all could go south

I’m unreliable
I’m stretched two pair
It’s only you

If you put it in stone
or in blood or in bone
I’ll freak out
and I may just shut down
For I want you so bad
and to give this a stab
as it is, my word
means nothing now