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dream – soggy Life – March 10, 2011

March 10, 2011     State Shirt    

I wake up and realize that Emma is in the other room and she’s hungry. I put some food in her bowl. I go outside and see all of my plants and shrubs but they’re in my parents’ yard. Some of them have died. The ground is very dry and I know that the plants need water. I look up and see dark storm clouds above, but I know that I can make them go away. I go back inside and try to make the clouds clear away. I go back outside, look up and watch the clouds roll away. I walk into the kitchen, look down and see that I had placed a bowl of Life cereal and milk down for Edison, and realize that he hadn’t come by to eat it. The cereal is soggy. I pick up a piece of soggy Life and eat it.

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