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Straw Man music video

May 13, 2008    
State Shirt    

Ok, i know this song isn’t exactly new. But we recently completed a music video for the song. Here it is, the official debut of the “Straw Man” music video. Hope you like it! Slightly higher res version is here!

A Muxtape for you

April 21, 2008    
State Shirt    

I’ve made a muxtape of some of my favorite songs. :::: Listen to my muxtape here Here’s what’s up there now. I think I’ll update with a new theme every few weeks: – The Helio Sequence – Nothing’s Ok : Everything’s Fine – Unkle – Rabbit In Your Headlights – R.E.M. – Walk Unafraid – Hayden – Dynamite Walls – Sebadoh – Careful – Nick Drake – Things Behind The Sun –…    read more 

Maybe you can help.

April 2, 2008    
State Shirt    

So I’m ramping up to get my new album finished and out into the world. The thing is I’m not sure exactly how I should do it. I really like the idea of a CD and album artwork and something that you tangible that you can hold onto, and the full-length album experience. Maybe I’m just nostalgic. Ever since the first time I heard OK Computer, I had to listen all the…    read more 

Podcasts that have played State Shirt

March 31, 2008    
State Shirt    

Just wanted to extend my thanks to the podcasts that have played State Shirt songs recently (and not so recently). Check these out! The Awful Show Suffolk ‘N’ Cool PC Podcast Borderline Amplified Five Gallon Podcast Makeshift Magesty

Last Friday’s SongFight L.A. Show!

March 30, 2008    
State Shirt    

Had a great time playing with the SongFight.org regulars down at the Spot Cafe and Lounge this past Friday. Got to see a bunch of fighters that I haven’t seen in a while as well as meet a few new shiny happy faces. Got to hear a bunch of classics and some new songs by The Seamus Collective, Merisan, Ross Durand, Minty Handy, Ken’s Super Duper Band ‘n Stuff, and Evil E….    read more 

Show at Crane’s

March 19, 2008    
State Shirt    

Thanks to everyone that came out to the show at Crane’s Tavern this past Sunday. Played a few new songs and a few songs from Don’t Die. I’ll post some of the new songs up on the site soon. HalfMonk did a very cool set complete with about 30 effects pedals and even a toy reverb/spring microphone.

mixing the new songs. live show.

March 7, 2008    
State Shirt    

I can’t believe that Don’t Die came out nearly 4 years ago. I have been working on new songs and writing and recording but sometimes the shit in my life piles up and I can’t quite get everything finished. But I’m finally there, 10 songs recorded and almost ready to go. Still putting the final touches on some vocals, and then it’s off to meet with producer Chris Fudurich (Nada Surf, Jimmy…    read more 

c.layne remix

November 23, 2007    
State Shirt    

A few weeks back c.layne asked me to remix one of his songs off his new album Shark Week. I was really struck by the first song on the album “You Think You’re So Clever” so I figured that would be a good one to rip apart and reconstruct! If you haven’t already heard it, check out his new album, it’s very good. Listen to the original track and the remix below:…    read more 


August 26, 2005    
State Shirt    

If you haven’t already heard about it, you should go to SomeSongs… it’s a good place to go and check out new music. A lot of people from SongFight post some of their songs over there, including myself. There is a pretty intersting Mario Brothers themed song over there by a guy named Jonathan Mann. I also posted my new song Fell Out Of The Sky over there. Go visit. >> SomeSongs…    read more 


August 9, 2005    
State Shirt    

I was in a screamo metal mood the other day. I wrote a song called ‘I Hate You’ for the songfight.org site. I got like 4 votes for the song, maybe it was too metal for the songfight peeps. Anyways, check it out, it made my throat hurt. >> the entire fight: click >> the state shirt entry: click No it won’t be on the next State Shirt album.