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News from the Studio

Here's what's going on in my studio!

Live looping improvisation with Echoplex Digital Pro

July 26, 2009    
State Shirt    

Here is a looping improv I recorded yesterday. My live setup is constantly evolving, but I do tend to keep a few things as part of my basic arsenal: two Gibson/Oberheim Echoplex Digital Pro units, a Line 6 DL4 delay modeler and expression pedal, Line 6 AM4, Boss DF-2, Line 6 Echo Park, el cheapo Tapco mixer, and a Behringer FCB1010. This video has a pedal/foot cam for the people who have…    read more 

Spec Miata Racing at Buttonwillow.

July 25, 2009    
State Shirt    

So I’m pretty lucky to be able to go racing (in my spec miata) every once in a while. I’m not that great at it but it’s one of the most fun things I’ve ever done. This particular video is a couple months old… it’s of my race at Buttonwillow Raceway back in April. My first race on a real racing license, not just a rookie permit. I spun out during the…    read more 

Open source music collaboration project – first song.

July 3, 2009    
State Shirt    

The first song on my still yet to be titled Collaboration Album has been finished, and is posted below! Thanks to the amazing audio provided by Orchestral Movement of 1932, Dave Patrikios, James Santiago and Yumenomado, I was able to cut, remix and shape their samples into the song “Cassettes” this evening. Hope you like it. Cassettes – DOWNLOAD – Lyrics More songs will follow in the coming weeks. You send me…    read more 

Magnetic particles encased in plastic

July 3, 2009    
State Shirt    

Over the last year or so I’ve been trying to get rid of stuff. Stuff I never look at, stuff I don’t need, stuff that’s just sitting in a box. After a while it just starts to feel like extra weight, like a burden. Maybe with the exception of the instruments in my studio, I don’t really want to own much of anything at all. I’ve had weird dreams that on the…    read more 

Remix contest winner and more good songs

July 1, 2009    
State Shirt    

There were a ton of very well done remixes for the State Shirt “Fell Out Of The Sky” AcidPlanet.com remix contest. Thanks to everyone that entered. It was very difficult to choose a winner, but one song did bubble it’s way to the top. Jasinski gets the honors with the 1st place remix, and goes home with brand-spanking new Acid Pro software and five loop libraries. Here is his winning remix: Jasinski…    read more 

Slap Chop remix video – “I Am A Target”

May 16, 2009    
State Shirt    

Long story short: – I was inspired by Steve Porter’s Slap Chop infomercial remix featuring Vince Offer of ShamWow! fame. – Decided it was necessary to create a State Shirt Slap Chop remix. And submit it to SongFight. And create a music video. In 7 days. Here are the results. MP3 of the song “I Am A Target” Here’s the music video/remix video. Click here to watch in HD! Long story long:…    read more 

i’m a guitar hero?

May 2, 2009    
State Shirt    

Check it, an interview with me over on jemsite.com, as part of their “Guitar Hero” series. The site is generally dedicated to Ibanez guitars (of which I have none) but they do a lot of interesting interviews with artists and musicians. Usually people that play guitar much better than I do. Head on over there and read the interview! Hey, FrostClick posted a rather sweet review of This Is Old. “…it has…    read more 

Holy crap a ton of great remixes

April 30, 2009    
State Shirt    

So I’m really blown away by the quality of the remixes that were created for the AcidPlanet “Fell Out Of The Sky” remix contest. Contest winner will be chosen shortly! :: Listen to the AcidPlanet remixes! And a bunch more great remixes have come in through ccMixter. :: Check out all State Shirt ccMixter remixes!

New drum mic clips

March 24, 2009    
State Shirt    

I’m really excited about my new drum mic clips! Check them out! Ok, you’re probably thinking, “Really, a blog post about drum mic clips? And he’s excited about them? And I’m still reading this shit?” But, aren’t they, beautiful? They actually work! Ok, ok. So they just hold microphones above my drums so I can go on making my little songs. But wait, you see, the last 2 years of my life…    read more 

Replica lyrics

March 21, 2009    
State Shirt    

Wrote some new lyrics. Now I need a song. — I’ve created a replica of my life in my head. A place where I can sleep with the lights off. Kiss on the lips, follow me home I like to fight, it runs in my family. I like to drink, it ruins my family. Throw away all the knives Call the doctor, don’t step, broken glass Cracked yellow linoleum, little red splash…    read more