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Here's what's going on in my studio!

Go get Matthew Larsen’s album Apheresis

September 9, 2011    
State Shirt    

I’ve known Matt since grade school. During our formative years we were in a number of bands together, some good, some slightly less good. Over the last decade or so, Matt has been moving on up and has been performing his introspective piano songs for the Western Massachusetts music community. He’s gone through a lot, including a two time battle with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, and I’m glad to say that he has had…    read more 

Nudity on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and iTunes

September 7, 2011    
State Shirt    

So the artwork concept for my upcoming album is, let’s just say, “not safe for work”. While I won’t reveal the details of the photo just yet, I will say that it does involve some non-sexual nudity. (It’s not me! Thank you very much.) The photo is intended to spark some discussion, but isn’t intended to be offensive for the sake of being offensive. Given that I’m an indie artist with no…    read more 

Slint – Good Morning, Captain [cover]

June 29, 2011    
State Shirt    

Here is my cover of Slint “Good Morning, Captain” off of their 1991 album Spiderland. I hope you like it. I love this song, and I know my version will never be as good as the original, but I really wanted to cover it. (What you see is what you hear, no lip-synching or instrument-synching). Here are the lyrics: “Let me in,” the voice cried softly From outside the wooden door Scattered…    read more 

Live looping improv – Echoplex, El Capistan, TimeLine

June 18, 2011    
State Shirt    

Here’s a little live looping thing I threw together today. All sounds are recorded live (nothing pre-recorded). Using two Gibson Echoplex Digital Pro (EDP) loopers, Strymon TimeLine and Boss DF-2 for my voice, and Line 6 AM4 and Strymon El Capistan for the guitar. Hope you like it. 🙂

Holy crap, I finished 5th.

April 2, 2011    
State Shirt    

So I’ve taken a little break from writing new songs and have been spending some time inside my race car. I’m really thankful that I have the opportunity to be able to have this crazy little hobby of driving way too fast. This past Sunday at Buttonwillow Raceway in lovely (not so lovely) Buttonwillow, California, I managed to qualify 8th out of 21 cars! And after a fun filled race complete with…    read more 

dream – soggy Life – March 10, 2011

March 10, 2011    
State Shirt    

I wake up and realize that Emma is in the other room and she’s hungry. I put some food in her bowl. I go outside and see all of my plants and shrubs but they’re in my parents’ yard. Some of them have died. The ground is very dry and I know that the plants need water. I look up and see dark storm clouds above, but I know that I can…    read more 

Sometimes When I’m Dreaming [video song]

March 1, 2011    
State Shirt    

I recorded this one this past Sunday. This is for anyone that has lost someone close to them. You will join us When you’re ready But please don’t keep me Waiting forever. I can see you, Sometimes when I’m dreaming. Sometimes When I’m Dreaming – STEAL No lip-syncing, no instrument-syncing. What you see is what you hear.

Holy crap you can get a free t-shirt.

January 5, 2011    
State Shirt    

So I’m here in the studio, hard at work on my new album. Excited to be working on some new music in the new year. There are cables everywhere. Effects pedals strewn about the floor. Lots of sound emanating from the studio monitors. And I just noticed, over there in the corner is a box of State Shirt t-shirts. There aren’t many left, but they do need a new home. I’ll be…    read more 

dream #2 – april 1 2010

December 10, 2010    
State Shirt    

i’m about to leave the house (it’s not our house) and start walking into the parking lot towards my car, and I have this annoying guy on my back. I walk out the door with him on my back and finally I’m able to shake him off. It starts raining. I turn around to go back to the house and find that the other door to the house had been left wide…    read more 

dream – april 1 2010

December 10, 2010    
State Shirt    

i was standing over Edison, carefully trimming his hair. I made very delicate and deliberate cuts to the fur, mainly around his back and sides. Then I moved to be right in front of him, noticed a few extra pieces of fur but didn’t cut them, and I looked at him and said “you look perfect”