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News from the Studio

Here's what's going on in my studio!

ffffffff-ing fast

April 11, 2006    
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So I got to drive a nascar-style stock car around Irwindale speedway this weekend. ffff-ing shit! that was a ton of fun. no speedos in stock cars so I don’t exactly know my top speed. All I know is that I got around the 1/2 mile track in about 18 seconds per lap. I’m assuming there was a rev limiter on the car because it started to bog out at the end…    read more 

i get to drive in circles for an hour!

April 4, 2006    
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I get to drive a nascar-style stock car around Irwindale speedway this saturday. I’m pretty psyched. Somehow I managed to to get myself a free hour at a race school out there. It’s a short track (1/2 mile around) so I won’t be able to get going that fast (maybe 80mph tops) but it should still be a lot of fun. I’ll let y’all know how it goes and if I crash.

shows shows shows shows

January 29, 2006    
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Hey!!!!!!! Just played a couple shows yesterday…. and have another show today. Rudy’s Barbershop was a real cool place to play, although there was a lot of hair everywhere. Thanks to everyone that came out for the show! Here are a few pics: Had a great turnout for the Wax Poetic show… Thanks to everyone that came out!!! Got to play in front of a bunch of really nice pieces by Shepard…    read more 

Obey Giant

January 24, 2006    
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If you’re in the LA area, you should go check out Shepard Fairey’s art exhibit at Wax Poetic Gallery in Burbank, CA. He’s the guy that is behind all of the Andre The Giant / OBEY posters and stickers you probably have seen plastered all over the place. It was cool to meet him at the opening… As a kid growing up in Massachusetts I spent many nights plastering the original ‘Andre…    read more 

R.I.P. 1966 Buick Skylark

January 11, 2006    
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Just over three years ago I bought this lovely 66 Buick Skylark. I couldn’t believe I was finally buying a classic car. I was actually laughing out loud the whole way home. She ran pretty good when I got her. She was finicky though… had quite a few issues (like the massive exhaust leaks that filled the cabin of the car with fumes) but it still was a fucking cool ride. Problem…    read more 

Stuff I Listened To in 2005

January 1, 2006    
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::::: stuff i’m listening to now 12.13.05 :::: > Joy Division – Closer > David Bowie – Low > Cave In – Beyond Hypothermia > Nick Drake – Way To Blue > Pop Will Eat Itself – This Is The Day…This Is The Hour…This Is This! ::::: stuff i’m listening to now 11.17.05 :::: > Don Caballero – Don Caballero 2 > Crowded House – Recurring Dream > Neil Young – After…    read more 

Thanks to everyone who came out to the show

January 1, 2006    
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Thanks to everyone that came out to On The Rox on the 28th. The show was super fun… a lot of new people, a lot of friends… And an awesome set by Kobol. here are some photos of the show (courtesy of Janey Consolver):

L.A. fires

September 29, 2005    
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On the way home from the show yesterday, it looked like the entire west end of the San Fernando valley was engulfed in flames. In reality most of these flames were 15-20 miles away, but it still was an amazing sight.


August 26, 2005    
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If you haven’t already heard about it, you should go to SomeSongs… it’s a good place to go and check out new music. A lot of people from SongFight post some of their songs over there, including myself. There is a pretty intersting Mario Brothers themed song over there by a guy named Jonathan Mann. I also posted my new song Fell Out Of The Sky over there. Go visit. >> SomeSongs…    read more