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News from the Studio

Here's what's going on in my studio!

New Album Updates

September 24, 2008    
State Shirt    

So there is a lot going on right now. Final mixes are off to Don C. Tyler for mastering. Looking forward to checking out his handiwork, since he has mastered a few albums that I love (Elliot Smith: XO, Figure 8, Hot Snakes Suicide Invoice). I know mastering is a subtle art, but if he can subtly find a way to make my album as great as those that would be super….    read more 

This Is Old coming 11.11.08

September 10, 2008    
State Shirt    

So the last few years have not been very kind to me musically. Life has been incredibly droning, wasting away in the San Fernando valley, doing the full time job and feeling fully beaten down. But I have found some precious spare moments to write and record. This Is Old is really about how I’m not going to be able to take life along this path much longer. New song This Is…    read more 

Improvised live looping

August 13, 2008    
State Shirt    

Over the last five years or so, I have been doing a lot of improvised live looping, sometimes noisy, sometimes melodic, usually with a microphone, guitar and some crappy keyboard. Though I’ve never really bothered to record any of these performances from start to finish, other than to cull loops for other songs. So last night at 1am I decided to break out the cheap camcorder. All sounds were improvised, created with…    read more 

No, I don’t miss my buick

July 28, 2008    
State Shirt    

Photos from 2005. Was just about to drop in a big ol 455 in there. Didn’t really know what I was doing. Probably should have been making music with friends instead.

New Album.

July 7, 2008    
State Shirt    

New State Shirt album will be titled This is Old. Release date will be chosen very soon. Working on obtaining amazing photography for the album artwork. Had a sick fucking dream last night, hoping I can scrounge up enough money to turn it into a music video. More soon.

Figuring stuff out on my road trip.

June 1, 2008    
State Shirt    

So this year has started off to a bit of a mess musically. New album is still not quite finished! The guy I was hoping would mix the album needed to back out. And I’ve been trying to work with an indie label over the last couple years and we just never seemed to get anything going. But I really have no one to blame but myself. It’s just taken me forever…    read more 

a wall painted animation.

May 28, 2008    
State Shirt    

This must have taken an insane amount of time, dedication, and imagination. I would recommend watching this video in it’s entirety, if you skip around you’re bound to miss something incredibly crazy. For more info on the artist visit http://blublu.org.

Unreleased music: State Shirt’s metal alter-ego

May 16, 2008    
State Shirt    

Over the next few weeks I’m going to start posting a bunch of unreleased State Shirt songs. Well I can’t exactly say unreleased, because some have appeared on SongFight, but I’ve never really done much else with them. The first batch are totally unlike most State Shirt songs… occasionally I’ll get in a metal mood and beat the shit out of my drums and thrash my vocal cords. Anomaly [audio:/metal/Anomaly.mp3] I Hate…    read more