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Creative Commons Collaboration – new song “Teardown”

August 15, 2010    
State Shirt    

You send me audio. I remix and sing. Together we make an album. After a little time off I’ve finally been able to spend some time in the studio with all of the amazing samples and audio tracks that everyone has sent to me. Here is a new track for my Creative Commons collaboration album Sounds Like You. All of the audio (except vocals) has been provided by a group of great…    read more 

Remix showcase

March 11, 2010    
State Shirt    

Over the last several months, y’all have created some really amazing remixes of my songs. I just wanted to showcase a few on youtube. I found some cool public domain footage and did a quick mashup. Check it out! This is Old remix – Sloan Fell Out of the Sky remix – Chris Fudurich Computer remix – Diode Fell Out of the Sky remix – Hans Atom Up Up Up Up Up…    read more 

Screwing around in the studio [live looping]

March 10, 2010    
State Shirt    

Just recorded a quick little live looping improvisation in my studio. No instruments, just voice and effects. All recorded live, nothing prerecorded or overdubbed after the fact. 🙂 If you’re looking for something to remix, feel free to grab the audio from this track (and other tracks of mine): http://stateshirt.com/remix

Finish my song!

March 1, 2010    
State Shirt    

I started this song last week with hopes it would be the next SongFight winner! But I just can’t find the right way to finish this tune. I like that it’s mellow and relatively catchy but I just wasn’t really inspired to complete it. Maybe there’s something about it that you like? If so, please go ahead and grab the source files and finish it any way you’d like. Cut it up,…    read more 

Beth’s On Fire

December 22, 2009    
State Shirt    

The third Collaboration Song is done! So many thanks for the amazing samples from Wyatt, Marc & Alec Nuckols, James Santiago, Dave Patrikios, Yumenomado, Chris Fudurich, Brielle Zbub, and Brian Page. Beth’s On Fire – DOWNLOAD – Lyrics

We Love the Remix Culture

September 23, 2009    
State Shirt    

I love derivative works! And here are some derivative works that have been created recently that are very good. All of these remixes of State Shirt songs are courtesy of the remixers on ccMixter. Solid from first note to last. “This is on the Stairs” by Neurowaxx is chosen as ccMixter Editor’s Pick. A mashup of my song “This is Old” and “Passing on the Stairs” by The Starry Tides. Neurowaxx –…    read more 

Open source music collaboration project – first song.

July 3, 2009    
State Shirt    

The first song on my still yet to be titled Collaboration Album has been finished, and is posted below! Thanks to the amazing audio provided by Orchestral Movement of 1932, Dave Patrikios, James Santiago and Yumenomado, I was able to cut, remix and shape their samples into the song “Cassettes” this evening. Hope you like it. Cassettes – DOWNLOAD – Lyrics More songs will follow in the coming weeks. You send me…    read more 

Remix contest winner and more good songs

July 1, 2009    
State Shirt    

There were a ton of very well done remixes for the State Shirt “Fell Out Of The Sky” AcidPlanet.com remix contest. Thanks to everyone that entered. It was very difficult to choose a winner, but one song did bubble it’s way to the top. Jasinski gets the honors with the 1st place remix, and goes home with brand-spanking new Acid Pro software and five loop libraries. Here is his winning remix: Jasinski…    read more 

Slap Chop remix video – “I Am A Target”

May 16, 2009    
State Shirt    

Long story short: – I was inspired by Steve Porter’s Slap Chop infomercial remix featuring Vince Offer of ShamWow! fame. – Decided it was necessary to create a State Shirt Slap Chop remix. And submit it to SongFight. And create a music video. In 7 days. Here are the results. MP3 of the song “I Am A Target” Here’s the music video/remix video. Click here to watch in HD! Long story long:…    read more 

Holy crap a ton of great remixes

April 30, 2009    
State Shirt    

So I’m really blown away by the quality of the remixes that were created for the AcidPlanet “Fell Out Of The Sky” remix contest. Contest winner will be chosen shortly! :: Listen to the AcidPlanet remixes! And a bunch more great remixes have come in through ccMixter. :: Check out all State Shirt ccMixter remixes!