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Creative Commons Collaboration – new song “Teardown”

You send me audio. I remix and sing. Together we make an album.

After a little time off I’ve finally been able to spend some time in the studio with all of the amazing samples and audio tracks that everyone has sent to me. Here is a new track for my Creative Commons collaboration album Sounds Like You.

All of the audio (except vocals) has been provided by a group of great musicians and sound creators. I chopped up, remixed, and mangled their samples to create my new track, titled “Teardown”.

Teardownsteal STEAL

Here’s who you’re hearing along with their original unmodified audio sample(s):

David Patrikios – drums  
Brian Page – drums  
Chris Fudurich – drum loop  
James Santiago – guitar  
Tim Godwin – acoustic guitar  
Eric Pokorny – acoustic guitar  
Dan Friel – noises  
Jon Eric – noises  
Chris T. – bass  

Get more info about the collaboration album and how you can get involved.


pieces are found, they’ll never go away
i need to know if you are going with him
i’ll take your grief, if you just calm down for a while.
you need to start all over in a small shit town!

we are all afraid of nothing real
it’s just a place for you to feel
all of the people you love go away until it starts again.

i’ll flip the car, the road will be the best part now.
crashing again, this time it’s much too broke to fix
i don’t know where i end and you begin.
you are a wall my soul just can’t get over!

look around, see the faces
keep eyes closed, don’t be erased.
look around, see your face

you can be somebody else. tear down the walls!

creative commons collaboration

Beth’s On Fire

The third Collaboration Song is done! So many thanks for the amazing samples from Wyatt, Marc & Alec Nuckols, James Santiago, Dave Patrikios, Yumenomado, Chris Fudurich, Brielle Zbub, and Brian Page.

Beth’s On Fire – DOWNLOAD – Lyrics


New collaboration song – Driving Forever

driving_blurryI just finished the song “Driving Forever”, the newest song on my upcoming collaboration album. Hope you like it.

Driving Forever – DOWNLOAD – Lyrics

Thanks to the great audio samples from Chris Fudurich, Brian Page, Jeremy Quinn, Tim Godwin, Terry Burton, Daniel Pisciotta, Dave Patrikios, and Jeremy Starpoli.

I’ve created a replica of my life in my mind.
A place where we can sleep with the lights off.
I’m no longer angry all of the time,
Lie down in the snow, I know i can die.

Follow me home. We are so alone.
We both want a simple life, but it’s not ours to know
Only a matter of time before you go
Love me or not, you still leave me low.

Summer is over, autumn leaves blow
My love for you is part regret and part sorrow
You’re crying at the rest stop again
In a foggy haze, this road it never ends
We’ll be driving forever.

Driving forever. This road has no end.
We can never be together again.
Only a matter of time before you go
Love me or not you still leave me low.

If you’re interested in getting involved in this Creative Commons music collaboration project, check out my Sounds Like You page.

We Love the Remix Culture

remixesI love derivative works! And here are some derivative works that have been created recently that are very good. All of these remixes of State Shirt songs are courtesy of the remixers on ccMixter.

Solid from first note to last. “This is on the Stairs” by Neurowaxx is chosen as ccMixter Editor’s Pick. A mashup of my song “This is Old” and “Passing on the Stairs” by The Starry Tides.
Neurowaxx – This is on the Stairs

DoKashiteru delivers yet another great remix with this lush version of Computer:
DoKashiteru – Computer

Here’s a very cool progressive house remix of This is Old by nero.
nero – This is Old (Nero mix)

Minimal and simple electronica, yet very nice remix of my song “Life Isn’t Everything”.
metallius – One of These Days

Ok, one more! Artemis Strong kicks your ears in the ass with this unconventional and challenging mix. Very cool.
Artemis Strong – Conway Station Road (North Conway Mix)

Any other new remixes that should be posted up here? Comment below and let me know!

Open source music collaboration project – first song.

The first song on my still yet to be titled Collaboration Album has been finished, and is posted below!

Thanks to the amazing audio provided by Orchestral Movement of 1932, Dave Patrikios, James Santiago and Yumenomado, I was able to cut, remix and shape their samples into the song “Cassettes” this evening. Hope you like it.

Cassettes – DOWNLOAD – Lyrics

More songs will follow in the coming weeks.

You send me audio. I remix and sing. Together we make an album.

Even though 40 people were nice enough to get involved with this collaboration project, I still don’t have enough audio samples to create an entire album of music. How about you get involved in this super-fantastic open source music project and submit some samples of your own? That would be great!

Join the likes of Tim Godwin (he played in Air Supply, for chrissakes), Dan Friel (Parts & Labor), Dave Patrikios (of the kick-ass yet now-defunct band The Realistics), Chris Fudurich (producer for Nada Surf, Sophie B Hawkins, Rx Bandits), and a bunch more talented and creative people who you don’t know but absolutely should:

* Bill Belina (a bunch of guitar parts)
* Brian Page (a ton of phat drum beats)
* DJ12XU (super noise)
* Chris Fudurich (piano, drums, loops, wurlitzer!)
* Dan Cohen (geetah)
* Dave Patrikios (guitar, piano, synths)
* Eric Pokorny (guitar, vocals, screaming kids)
* James Santiago (supah guitar parts, samples)
* Jeremy Starpoli (a ton of trombone)
* Terry Burton (guitar)
* Fluffy (synth, bass)
* Jon Eric (noises)
* Nate Quinn (drums, djembe, conga, sax)
* Jeremy Quinn (ebow guitar, noise)
* Tim Godwin (guitar)
* Brent Stansfield (songs, guitar, vocals)
* Matt Larsen (piano)
* Dan Friel (noises)
* Orchestral Movement of 1932 (drums, bass, gtr)
* Artemis Strong (noises)
* Yumenomado (synths)
* Wyatt (synths)
* Bartley Hinson (guitars)
* Steve Rydz (guitars)
* … and more

Send me drumbeats, noises, guitar parts, a cappella vocals, accordion, part of a song you never finished, spoken words, screaming, your cat. Whatever you’re inspired to send. I will merge, tweak, remix and piece together all of your samples and make an album. Be a part of open source music. Your audio submission will get used. Everything you send will be incorporated in to the album. Do it now.

Thanks and good evening.

Lots of stuff going on!

This Is Old continues to weave it’s way through thar interwebs:
Read an interview, with, uh, me at
Holy crap, almost 1000 hearts for my song “Computer” on
Nice writeup over at
A nice piece all the way from Tel Aviv, courtesy of Laughing Evergreens

Over 100 stations playing State Shirt
This Is Old continues to get played on college and independent radio across the US. Over 100 stations are playing new State Shirt music. The album hit #7 at KSLU St Louis, #26 at WAIH Postdam NY, #12 at WTTU Cookeville, TN, #28 at WFCS New Britain CT, #22 at WNHU West Haven CT, #13 at URH Hilo Hawaii, #18 WMXM at Lake Forest IL, #24 at Naperville IL, #15 at WCYT Fort Wayne IN, #24 at KSCL Shreveport LA, #27 at WMLN Milton MA, #27 at WUSB Stony Brook Ny, #10 at WBGU Bowling Green Oh, #13 at WPPJ Pittsburgh PA, and #18 WXJM Harrisonburg VA!

New Song
A few days ago I recorded a new song in my kitchen. Video is here. Song is below. Hope you like it.
State Shirt – Suffer Someday (Live)

A bunch of new remixes have come in. Here are just a few. Remix contest winner will be announced shortly!
Diode (Terry Burton) – Computer (Analog Mix by Diode)
The Orchestral Movement of 1932 – Conway Station Road (The Next Train Mix)
Show Your Shoe – Fell Out Of The Sky (Show Your Shoe remix)
Teru – Enter…
Decaying_Machine – Chemma Chi [dark times machine rmx]
Ballzac – Fell Out Of The Sky (commercial dance remix)
Christof Barber – Computer (Christof Barber remix)

I remixed myself
Is it a faux pas to remix yourself? A couple days ago I created a mashup of several Vidian songs with my song “Life Isn’t Everything”. It also features vocals from c.layne, Brad Sucks and Kristen Hersh for good measure. Definitely doesn’t sound like State Shirt– has more of a Daft Punk feel.
State Shirt – Almost Alive (mash-up)

More songs to remix
A few more songs are available for remixing. Source files for Life Isn’t Everything, Don’t Die and Edison’s Medicine are available for downloading here.

You Make a Super Badass Remix Contest

Over the last couple months, there have been over 70 remixes of State Shirt songs that have been made by people all over the world, and it’s been really cool to hear everyone’s take on the music. Since it’s been going so well, I figured hey why not have another remix contest? Well here it is.

Create a tasty remix of a State Shirt song between January 19 and February 26 and enter to win Propellerhead Reason 4 music production software, State Shirt t-shirt and other yet-to-be-announced goodies. Source files for my songs are available here. All you need to do is:

1. Create a super badass remix of one of my songs (or several remixes, there is no limit).

2. Submit the remix by emailing me with an MP3 attachment or link to the MP3.

Me and my team of remix experts will pick the most super-est fantastic remix of the month. And give you the prize. Contest rules are here. Bonus points go to people who also upload their remix to!


Some recent web rumblings…

Creative Commons is all warm and cuddly with my Call for Remixes/Samples.

Thanks to Laptop Rockers for giving the remix contest some love and affection.

Yay, I’m on Song-A-Day again!

Nice review on Comfort Comes. “an album that’s fresh-sounding but also comfy as your favorite sweatshirt”. Very comfortable.

Speaking of being comfortable, Comfort Music posted a couple tracks up on their site.

It’s okay, Pensatos totally panned the new album, but someone there liked a track.