Ethan TuftsQuick Stats:

Name: Ethan “Terrible” Tufts

Hometown: Easthampton, MA

Resides: Los Angeles, CA

Occupation: Indietronic Rock Star / Marketing Nerd / Terrible Race Car Driver

Car: #42 Mazda Spec Miata


Brief Bio:

Ethan Tufts is an indie artist that performs by the name of State Shirt. For some ridiculous reason he decided to start racing cars a couple years ago. Aside from terrorizing his fellow competitors with his freakish and erratic driving style, he manages to stink up the track with laughably slow lap times. Surprisingly, Ethan has never finished last, and miraculously has landed on the podium four times in his short career. (Most have speculated that there were cheater parts in the car, or he took short cuts through the infield). If you want a few good laughs at his expense, please come out to see his next race, and support his terrible Bad Driver Racing team.


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