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This song features Matthew Larsen on backing vocals, and Rebekah Dutkiewicz on backing vocals and cello.

The name Hospital Hill refers to the hill on which the Northampton State psychiatric hospital in Northampton, Masschusetts stood. The facility opened in 1858 (then named the State Lunatic Hospital), was abandoned in 1993 and destroyed by 2006. During many New England winters, kids from all around sled down the hill in front of the abandoned mental facility.
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Every night is full of muted white
A faint reflection, a faded sunrise
Dew coated sill, pale blue sky
Warmer weather keeps the sleds all dry
Muffled laughter and joyful screams
They're all gone by the time dawn breaks the seams

Locked inside, bound and tied
Someday I will go down Hospital Hill

Every day is full of radiant black
A blazing shadow, a burning twilight
You write your name in the frost covered window
Bright sunny glare covers pure white snow
Ablaze when darkness fell
Fiery when all's not well

Can you see just over the hill
Melted snow, can't keep still
I found a way to keep myself together
Never sleep in the month of December

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