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Do you even compute?
Future home
Future alone

Luau for the rome plows.

Future home
Future alone

Even if kills you
Turn it off
It's a human interest
That's spikes to you

Future home
Future alone


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Hear Remixer / Song Download
DoKashiteru – Computer steal
Satyriasis – Computer (lost on a mushy planet mix) steal
Mercury Waters – Computer (Mercury Waters Remix) steal
Sporkboy – Computer-Sporkboy’s vocal exploits mix steal
Peter Tanico – Computer (Version 1.0) steal
Decaying_Machine – Computer [decaying machine remix] steal
TechnoBears – Computer (TechnoBears Redux) steal
Jikjax – Compulsive Computer steal
Tenda – Computer (Tenda’s DNB Remix) steal
WEAS – PLAN C steal
Alexdsteak – Computer (Altair 8080 remix) steal
Dead4theWeekend – Computer (D4tW Future Remix) steal
TechnoBears – Computer (TechnoBears Super Badass Redux) steal
Christof Barber – Computer – Contest Winner steal
Pego – Computer steal


  1. jason watkins

    just to let you know i used your track for a video, i put a credit at the end :)
    Thank you

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