Want to use a song for a commercial project? My music has been used in film and TV, commercials, web apps, educational programs, and video reels. Licensing fees are reasonable, and I can provide instrumental and alternate versions if needed.

Contact: Angela Heine – Music Licensing / Artist Management
email. angela@stateshirt.com / tel. 818-415-8909

Suggested Tracks

Tempo: Fast   Keywords: Progress, Acoustic Guitar, Indietronic, Electronic, Folktronic

Tempo: Fast/Medium   Keywords: Despair, Defeat, Indietronic, Electronic

Tempo: Medium   Keywords: Moving On, Fame, Optimism, Falling, Lo-Fi

Tempo: Slow   Keywords: Disturbing, Ambient, Flowing, Soaring

Tempo: Slow   Keywords: Death, Afterlife, Ambient, Dreaming

Tempo: Slow   Keywords: Broken Dreams, Lack of Accomplishment, Suicide

Tempo: Fast   Keywords: Angst, Desperation, Self-Destruction, Indietronic

Tempo: Medium/Slow   Keywords: Memories, Past, Synth, Lo-Fi

Tempo: Medium   Keywords: Love Lost, Anger, Revenge, Indie Rock, Looping

Tempo: Fast   Keywords: Death, Plane Crash, Tragedy, Afterlife, 1980s

Tempo: Slow/Medium   Keywords: Abuse, Friendship, Damaged, Ambient, Looping

Instrumental Versions:

Hear Tempo Song Keywords   Download
Fast This is Old Angst, Lack of accomplishment steal
Fast Fell Out of the Sky Death, Plane crash, Tragedy   steal
Fast/Medium National Felt Despair, Defeat   steal
Fast/Medium The Road to Hana Journey, Self awareness   steal
Fast/Medium Suffer Someday Anger, Broken relationship   steal
Medium Cassettes Memories, Past steal
Medium Crush Broken dreams, Lack of accomplishment   steal
Medium Computer Progress   steal
Medium/Slow Straw Man Defeated   steal
Slow Please Stop Death, Hurt, Loneliness   steal
Slow Hospital Hill Imprisoned, Trapped steal
Slow Conway Station Road Instrumental steal

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