I write a lot of music. And some songs go unfinished. I have hundreds of incomplete songs in the deep, dark, corners of the hard drives in my studio. Here are a few that I wasn’t able to complete. Why don’t you grab some of the source files below and finish one of these for me? Or remix to your hearts content. Be sure to let me know when you’ve finished a song or created a remix!

Creative Commons LicenseMy tracks are licensed via a Creative Commons Non-Commercial Attribution ShareAlike license, so when sharing your creation with others, all you’ll need to do is mention “State Shirt”, the song title, and a link to my website in the credits. License details here.


Hear Song Source Files
Double Take [unfinished – 2010] MP3 source (50MB) – WAV source (235MB)
Maya Death Trap [unfinished – 2007] MP3 source (31MB) – WAV source (141MB)
When it Snowed [unfinished – 2005] MP3 source (28MB) – WAV source (120MB)


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