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Don’t Die is State Shirt’s first full-length album, released on June 1, 2004.

An 11-song collection written, produced and recorded by State Shirt. He gets a hand from Los Angeles producer Chad Fischer (Garden State movie score, Jude, Josh Clayton-Felt). The album was recorded entirely in his bedroom studio in the outskirts of Los Angeles.

"State Shirt loves to mess around with strange sound effects, including beatboxing, scratching… these unique inclusions really work here, making for a remarkably cohesive and personal album."

Lyrics and Song Info

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Straw Man steal Add to Cart
It Is a Shame My Binoculars Don’t Work At Night steal Add to Cart
Life Isn’t Everything   steal Add to Cart
Not a Kid Anymore   steal Add to Cart
Postcard steal Add to Cart
Highway   steal Add to Cart
Edison’s Medicine steal Add to Cart
Infinite Acrobat (Space Cadet) steal Add to Cart
Don’t Die steal Add to Cart
A Variation on Two steal Add to Cart
Back to the Airplanes steal Add to Cart


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