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We’re walking around, me and the realtor, looking at small yellow houses. I see one to the left that is a stucco California-style house and ask, “oh is that yours?” We then turn around to our right, and we walk up to this house for sale. The realtor grabs the info sheet from the for sale sign and says he can get more info from the seller. I look up and notice that the house consists of just a huge stone concrete grayish yellow staircase in the front, a chimney in the back, and a cement slab foundation, all grayish yellow. I can tell that they’re very old. “Isn’t that a teardown?” I ask the realtor. “That’s not a teardown” he says, “This is a teardown” and points across the street to the right, showing me a nearly identical yard and foundation, but with no staircase and chimney. I realized that a teardown meant not being able to sell as a complete house. He then said, while talking about the house on the right, “You can imagine what this place would look like with a newer staircase, maybe a spiral staircase”. I said “Maybe something like across the street, simple and straight up.” I thought maybe even a ladder attached to the side of the concrete block could work too, but maybe too difficult to carry your groceries home. I then realized that I was in Easthampton. I looked up and noticed that the room was big and had a 1940s feel to it. There were a few people in town wearing 1940s clothes, and there was a shelf with items and a ceiling fan from that area. We walked to the right out of the town common to a dark table with a bunch of coffee mugs on the table, all filled, covered and ready to grab. There is an old woman sitting at the table. The realtor sits down, he’s now a wise old man. The question is asked, by either the old man or woman, “How do you feel about death?” The old man takes a coffee and responds, “Life is like spices, growing sweeter each season.” He then says, “So many things have been so many other things.”


  1. Sharon Kearney
    August 21, 2010

    As the dreamer of the dream…… just came across your website via Jaspr – I haven’t visited in a while – LOVE all the vids, tracks, everything – really cool – are you still looking for tracks for your collab?

  2. stateshirt
    August 25, 2010

    Hey Sharon! thanks for visiting!! yep, still looking for some additional samples for the collab album. Can be anything you want to send. If they’re big files you can use Soundcloud -> http://stateshirt.com/collaborate

    Thanks and talk to you soon! 🙂

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