3rd place finishes at Willow Springs!

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miata in the desertHoly shit I am tired. That was one totally packed weekend of racing in the Willow Springs heat! I ran in two classes (Spec Miata and ITA) which means there was virtually no downtime—I was either in the car on the track or preparing the car for the track. I did manage to get to the track early enough to realize that the desert is quite beautiful in the morning. Though after it hits 100° I start to forget about how beautiful I thought it was.

on the podiumSurprisingly I managed to earn myself four podium finishes! Saturday: Finished 3rd in the Spec Miata race. Finished 3rd in the ITA race. Sunday: Again finished 3rd in the Spec Miata race. Again finished 3rd in the ITA race. So the 3rd place Spec Miata finishes weren’t much of an accomplishment… in addition to finishing 3rd I was also 2nd to last. That’s what I get in a 4 car field. But the ITA races were a battle between 8 cars, so I’m pretty happy with my 3rd place finishes there.

3rd place finishesWith so few cars at this event the in-car videos aren’t exactly that interesting… I had one or two lap battles with a few cars and then was pretty much on my own for the rest of the races. So I won’t post any full races but here are some highlights. Luckily no spins but no record lap times either.

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  1. Matthew Larsen
    September 29, 2009

    Yeah! Go Ethan!

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