No longer a bump drafting virgin

Posted by on Mar 28, 2009 in Racing | No Comments

So I’m out here at California Speedway in lovely Fontana, CA this weekend. We’re running the 2.8 mile, 21 turn course which utilizes about 1/2 of the speedway oval. Top speed for me was about 121mph with a draft, could probably almost hit 130mph with a better driver and a better prepared car.

Today I qualified 23rd out of 27 cars (whoo hoo, not last!) and I think I managed to finish 19th. Had fun bump drafting and battling with Brandon Johnson, who managed to stay in front of me for most of the race even with a bad clutch, but I was able to finally get around him on the last lap. Today was the first day I’ve ever bump drafted, here are a couple highlights below. I guess I’m no longer a bump drafting virgin.

I was the first to arrive in the garage on Thursday night, so I got a few nice shots of my car:

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