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Whisperin & Hollerin
8 out of 10 stars

"State Shirt is a one-man musical miracle worker from California…"

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"This is an interesting release, with a lot to say, and many ways of saying it. Worth looking out for."

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Leonard’s Lair
4 out of 5 stars

"…the superb debut from the mysteriously-named State Shirt… Think ‘The Bends’-era Radiohead with the maverick touches of Beck thrown in for good measure."

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"…this impressive release no doubt will dominate CMJ in time. If not, they’re just a bunch of corporate whores who couldn’t tell good music from a hole in the ground."

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Tasty Fanzine

"…this is an album which, like much of the work of Beck, can change mood at the drop of a hat. State Shirt employs anything he can lay his hands on when it comes to making his music and we are greeted throughout the record by dogs barking, beat boxing, scratching and much more all utilised effectively and held together by lilting guitars and an often quite effecting vocal performance."

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Splendid Ezine

"…State Shirt stands head-and-shoulders above his self-releasing contemporaries."

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